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Our Logo above incorporates two major elements: Two elephant trunks (signifying dignity, royalty, strength, wisdom and longevity) reflect our mind-set in relation to our clients. Adwinasa, the name of the Kente cloth motif of Ghana, connotes the use-up of all available designs. At Elegance Transport, we similarly use all available means to serve you elegantly (Going an Extra Mile in Everything for You).

ELEGANCE TRANSPORT, LLC is a Trade Name and service entity of
Savenet Computing Services, LLC

The Client is the Center Of Our System

Elegance Transport, LLC is structured as a simple, reliable operation for our clients, corporate or private individuals. Our focus is on our clientele, and everything else is designed for their total satisfaction. In fact, we go an extra mile in everything for our clients. If ever we have a limitation in serving a need, we would still go the extra mile to find elegant solutions consistent with our industry practice. You need to know whom you choose to serve you.

Elegance Transport LLC is a licensed minority-owned Limousine, Express & Shuttle Service based in Germantown, MD providing new dynamic standards in For-Hire Ground Transportation. With the Washington Metropolitan Area as our immediate service region, our company is known for its sincere pledge of professional, reliable and dedicated service to our district communities and their visitors.

Ours is a Legitimate Operation!
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Always "Look Before You Leap"

  • MD PSC Carrier Number 3708
  • WMATC Authority Number 1552
  • DOT No. Unrequired for Our Service
  • American Southern Ins. at $1.5 Mill
  • MD State-Certified In-Good-Standing
  • MD Lic. & PSC-Certified Chauffeurs
  • 2009/10 High School Proms:
  • - Safety Training (Montg/Balto Co.)
  • BWI Commercial Permit Number 0257

    Satisfaction Testimonials We Earn

    "Thank you, I appreciate the excellent service and competitive rates."
    - Sebastian M.
    "Nana, thank you for the great service this morning. I found your business (from) an online search in the yellow book."
    - Avril B.
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    Our management has skills in true customer care. Reading with attention to detail or listening keenly and carefully to every clients service request gives us one advantage. Elegance Transport gets right with the service that satisfies each client. We like also to clarify all details of our service up front, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Go freely through our website and verify what we mean. Management has made it easy for everyone to use it, yet secure enough to be second to none. Thanks to the and the LimoAnywhere systems. It is in serving you right that we earn our own dignity.

    Support Staff

    The entire personnel of the company function in diverse aspects which dovetail seamlessly to maintain the ready support that may be needed by our clients at anytime. Simply, our committed personnel are focused to serve as one ready support team for each client.


    At Elegance Transport a chauffeur is first civilized as a vehicle operator. He/she is also screened and Licensed by the MD Public Service Commission and subject to our random fitness and substance abuse tests. Our Chauffeurs are carefully selected. Each is an elegantly attired professional whose natural and dutiful sense of service efficiency enhances his/her relevant knowledge of the geographical areas of operation. In addition to what our chauffeur can do, Elegance Transport employs the support of the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure safety and security for our clients.


    Any livery company serious about reliable good service will not wait to find out a clients need before budging. Elegance Transport has made an art of anticipating various client needs, as well as establishing appropriate solutions in advance. This is why we pay attention to a carefully structured dynamic Network of Affiliates to make us a most resourceful center for all your livery needs. Special vehicles, an efficient Travel Agent, and even international Flight Status data are all available to you by a click of your mouse button or a toll-free call. We eliminate the hustle and hassle. We just make it easy on you.


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