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Our Logo above incorporates two major elements: Two elephant trunks (signifying dignity, royalty, strength, wisdom and longevity) reflect our mind-set in relation to our clients. Adwinasa, the name of the Kente cloth motif of Ghana, connotes the use-up of all available designs. At Elegance Transport, we similarly use all available means to serve you elegantly (Going an Extra Mile in Everything for You).

Authorized providers of Chauffeured Transportation Services
at new standards of Elegance, Safety, Comfort and Affordability

Just Call for Smart & Elegant Ways to Get You There...Wherever!

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You are Looking at a Car, not an Airplane! It's Real, on the Road!

Loaded, Top-Model Nissan Quest SE: Versatile 6-Pax Luxury Van

You Cannot Get It Where It Is Lacking

We have examined and found in various businesses, a crying need for good old quality client/customer service. We maintain our own dignity by acknowledging yours through our service. Call us to bring you the total experience.

In Service, We Believe In Class: Elegance

At Elegance Transport we consider the importance of excellent client/customer service as the crux of our ground transportation services. We service mainly Maryland, Virginia and the DC Metropolitan Area. Each and every client/customer deserves quality service as a standard offer. That is why we go an extra mile in everything for each of our clients. We have pledged to always do the utmost, in the traffic of ground transportation, to exemplify a new code of honesty, dedication, resourcefulness and reliability to make every single ride with Elegance Transport a pleasantly memorable experience.

With us, luxury and pleasure are not a bait to pull anyone into poor service; rather, those are the real sum of every clients actual guaranteed experience resulting from our ethics and respect for everyone as well as for ourselves. Think: true beauty gets even more beautiful with a background of other beauties. A stretched limo, if you want that, needs a dignifying following of elegant cars, or? There are even times also when you actually need the elegant practicality of a model other than a stretch-mobile. It is to this treat that we welcome you to Elegance Transport. Thank you.


Using The Best To Serve You: Tasteful

Elegance Transport believes in using the best of everything towards efficiently serving your ground transportation needs at all times.

We offer you a Flagship Automobile: A top-of-the-line, loaded model of a trusted manufacturer gives assurance of minimum, if any, unavoidable breakdowns. For example, our choice of a new 6-Pax flagship 2007 Nissan Quest SE, with a plethora of available options, is calculated to satisfy everyone with a taste for class and convenience. Beside roominess for both passenger and luggage, Elegance Transport turns over all luxury features as standard equipment: Cutting-edge Navigation System; comfortable Leather Seating; Sunroof/Moon-roof and Zonal Climate Control; Dual DVD Panels, CD Deck; XM Digital Radio and more Your Chauffeur provides Orientation before Take-Off.

We meet or exceed commercial auto insurance requirements for Livery Service to ensure that a solid backing is in place for passenger, driver, vehicle and other people or property, just in case.

We employ dedicated support staff and PSC-Certified Chauffeurs with tested impeccable background, uniformed, respectful and dependable. Placing you in the hands of a PSC-licensed, experienced, professional Operator offers a great sense of relief and satisfaction to you and us.

We research and use the latest effective top-notch innovative technology: We provide easy-to-use, yet most secure account setup and payment processing by behind the strong protections of LimoAnywhere's secure server. We make it secure, efficient, quick and easy for anyone to complete and confirm instant Reservation requests right here online. Our management maintains security tracking and monitoring of passenger, driver and vehicle together on every service run. We stay alert for your safety and peace.

Elegance Transport provides, right here, a free Flight Explorer for quick, direct peeks at Airport Situations and the Status of your Flight, a Link to a local and international Flight Agent, a Weather Tracker, our Livery Conveyance Rates and Quotes, plus other convenient features to make our website informative, helpful, fast and accurate about everything you may need in your road transportation decisions. You are always welcome as well to talk to us by phone, voicemail, or email. Our Toll-free number and Website together put us within your quick and easy reach 24/7.

Our Quality & Convenience Assurance: Dignified

Going an extra mile in everything for you. That is our pledge to our clients based on our belief in dignity. We keep striving, therefore, for the best things and ways towards satisfying your travel needs and more. We give you elegance. Thanks for trust.


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